What is Tropical Papers?
Created in 2005, Tropical Papers is a platform for reflection on art, architecture, design and scientific research to visibilize the work and projects of people focused on these disciplines from and in the Tropics. Our project is framed by the complexity and interconnectivity in which contemporary society is developing at a global scale, which, in turn, generates a dynamic of volatile and unpredictable changes. This mutability is especially evident in relation to the environment and to the climate crisis; as well as with regards to the different ways and meanings that life acquires in this context of urgency, both in the private sphere and in the collective experience.

Tropical Papers is an inclusive space open to debate, the exchange of ideas and other forms of knowledge transmission to bring arts and culture at the foreground of ecological and social experimentation. TP opens perspectives on the historical and current geopolitics that could catalyze a wide and varied linguistic, cultural, climatological and social readings on connectivity aspects that would give to our project a relevant projection within and beyond the tropical region.

Founded in Paris in 2020 as a non-profit artistic organization operating locally and internationally, bringing together a diversity of audiences and collaborators around each project. Permanent staff members and a team of volunteers and professionals from major cultural institutions also contribute to its existence.

The Tropics as a state of mind
The Tropics are an “imaginary territory” situated between two lines, including all continents, around the Earth. We like the idea of going through one atmosphere to another, without crossing borders but permeable and fluid frontiers. It’s a place that works as a contemporary post-colonial laboratory, a source of knowledge and multidisciplinary projects that stimulate interconnectivity, exchange of experiences and dialogues towards social, historical and current geopolitics, through environmental and sustainable perspectives.

Our programs
Tropical Papers is a virtual art center and works within a virtual architecture. Its public programmes have two components:  TV Channel and Mailbox, which works as a space for discussion, conferences and debates. Through Guest Artists, which has two programmes: Residency program and TP Guest program, we invite artists to develop a project and share it in our virtual exhibition spaces.   

Tropical Papers’s public program is committed to engage audiences directly with artists, professionals of different disciplines and their work by bringing their visions through a series of interviews and conversations where they share their creative process, their stories and projects. Through these perspectives, we are expanding a tropical network to bring and share different ways of doing, seeing, building, creating and sharing knowledge.

As a non-profit contemporary visual art organization, the core of the project is to bring to the artists platforms of production, visibility, exchange and empowerment. Focused on social and environmental engagement projects we create two different sections, a Residency Program and a TP-Guest program

-Residency Program:
For TP, process and development are a fundamental part of our relationship with the artists. TP supports four (4) artists to show a specific project with sustainable initiatives in our platforms. Focusing on emerging and mid-career artists and in order to create a larger audience, each residency will have a duration of two (2) months and a financial support. For support, advice and knowledge-sharing they will work on their creative process together with a mentor during the whole residency and will show the results of their research in our digital platforms.

-Guest program:
We consider the exhibition as an active aesthetic and political field, an atmosphere or mental space in which new relationships and analogies can be experienced between the works. For this reason, every year TP supports three (3) artists to show a specific project that builds bridges between the urban and the rural, the local and the foreign, in order to foster conversations and collaborations between the ever-evolving new technologies, ancestral knowledge and contemporary issues.

(Forecast Letters and Podcasts) for Facebook, Twitter, IG:
Through letters, video podcasts and conferences, this space is conceived as a community platform of knowledge – a virtual hub gathering peers from different disciplines and regions. An interdisciplinary effort, which will involve artists, poets, dancers, economists, chefs, sociologists and citizens in general focusing on the themes related to the current situation, climate change, sustainability, ancestral knowledge and transformations in the world.



Sofia Lanusse

Edwige Baron

Andres Sandoval Alba

María Inés Rodríguez