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Angelo Plessas’ work exists in and around the internet. It explores how living part online and part offline makes us all double citizens. He is part of a generation of artists that grew up with Google and maintain a studio in their laptop, so pasting traditional media such as drawing onto a website is a natural act. By turning the title of the work into a registered web-domain, he makes animated drawings that are at once electronic and unique, the image reproducible on millions of computers but existing only on its particular location of the singular internet address.  Some of these works often resemble sculptural portraits of imaginary characters or as he claims other sides of himself, alternating between funny and poignant, strange and romantic. Some other times these websites explore concepts of writing or are just experiments of form and color. Plessas is interested in the poetry of this mind-set, a computer related abstract poetry while fusing the iconography of ancient civilisations with surrealist abstractions and contemporary references. These works often find themselves translated into objects outside the realm of the screen, such as murals, installations and performances.

In 2007 he created The Angelo Foundation, an imaginary organization created as an umbrella for a number of projects where he uses themes of identity, and authority. The Angelo Foundation investigates the social aspect of the Internet, and to that end he often transposes Internet behaviours and social conventions to actual space, minimizing or bypassing the intervention of technology. Projects ranging from the establishing of the meta well-being “Temple of Truth” (2012), or the participatory “Angelo Foundation School of Music” (2011) to the production of its own currency via the Bank of Angelo (We give you money, we want your love, 2008). These projects paste together aspects of ceremonial authority demonstrations sabotaged by the anarchy of internet culture, where the artist can become king of his castle, once he declares his domain and turns the world wide web into his studio.

Since 2012 he organizes and curates annually the Eternal Internet Brotherhood. A collaborative residency which hosts a program of activities and events featuring artists, writers and curators meeting every year in different part of the world.

Plessas has been exhibited worldwide with most recent solo exhibitions recently “The Twilight of the Idols” at Cell Projects in London and “Temple of Truth” at Rebecca Camhi Gallery in Athens. Other solo projects include “The AngeloFoundation Headquarters” at Jeu De Paume (with Andreas Angelidakis)  and “The Angelo Foundation School of Music” at Emst. He also took part at the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale and 3rd Athens Biennale. His work has been published in numerous publications such as Artforum, Dazed and Confused, Frieze, Domus. In 2009 he was awarded with a Fulbright scholarship invited by Rhizome at the New Museum.