.   LA FLEXIBLE, 2003 DVD. Sound and Color. 14 min. Boat trip from Rincón-Puerto Rico, to Punta Cana-República Dominicana. with: Raimond Chaves, Chemi Rosado, Olga and Charlie Casellas, Bubu Negrón y Carolina Caycedo. La Flexible (the flexible) is a small yola, or boat used by fisherman in the caribbean sea. This yola was found […]

I am interested in the idea of landscapes as quiet witnesses to history. During my online search for such photos, I came upon hundreds of images in which anonymous persons were portrayed in landscapes – and always in the same position, pointing to indicate a past event, the location of something gone, something lost or […]

Taiki Sakpisit is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working in Bangkok. Over the past years, he has been prolific as an experimental filmmaker in Thailand producing series of works from Whispering Ghosts (2008) I Did Not Dream Last Night (2009), Deathless Distance (2010) and A Ripe Volcano (2011). All these films may have […]

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