Raquel Paiewonsky (b. 1969, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) works across a range of media, including painting, sculpture, installation and photography. She has been presented at 15 solo exhibitions in the Dominican Republic and the United States, as well as group shows in the US, France, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, among […]

    Saúl Villa Walls es director de Artes Visuales de la Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatán. Estudió técnicas gráficas de 1976 a 1982 con Frank Conelly, Mark Balakjian y Juan José Torralba en Londres y Barcelona. Ha expuesto individualmente en espacios como Museo Carrillo Gil, Museo Experimental El Eco, Casa Luis Barragán, Galerie […]

  Milena Muzquiz’s work with ceramics can be interpreted as an exercise of subjective scrutiny; the disorganized accumulation of elements seeks to imitate the uneven and contradictory way in which the human mind works. The resulting sculptures are proximate to the decorative arts, since they can function as vases, but they always overflow mere functionality […]

  Tirzo Martha lives and works in Curaçao.  He grew up in the neighborhood of Buena Vista. His work is an analysis of the contemporary Caribbean societies that are still afraid to free themselves from the burden created in the past. His work has been part of various important exhibitions and biennales across the world, […]