Gala Porras-Kim investigates institutional and linguistic frameworks that define, legitimize and preserve cultural heritage. Considering how oral traditions or archaeological remains of Mesoamerica are represented and exhibited, the artist underscores history’s methodological and ideological tools to analyze and ultimately control narratives and access to knowledge. Porras-Kim’s work questions the ethical principles of museological […]

    Millán’s pluridisciplinary practice references and resignifies the narratives and visualities of comics, animation, video games or popular culture, to critically question the construction of factual and official history. With an emphasis in Colombia’s recent past and its stereotyped image abroad, the artist assumes the potentialities and possibilities of fiction and fantasy to formulate […]

      As artist, writer, teacher and curator, Carla Zaccagnini dedicates herself to in-depth investigations on the underlying ideological and aesthetic underpinnings of official and historical narratives. In recent works, Zaccagnini addresses the deep contradictions in the construction of Brazilian identity and the idea of Brazil as a (modern) nation, a country in which […]

    In november 2020, as the second lockdown started in Paris, we spoke via zoom with the French Caribbean artist Julien Creuzet. His work explores social realities which tell stories of displacement, trade, and diaspora through video, collage, performance and installation. The Antilles, Martinique in particular where the artist grew up, remain an important […]