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Felipe Ribón


We would like to thank @ribon.felipe for his residency at tropical papers. The artist worked together with a glass workshop in Paris and the Japanese incense company Shoyeido. The result is “Tropical Bulb”, a self-standing borosilicate glass incensory entirely handmade. The sculptural aspect of its refined outline constitutes a captivating geometry that unveils its subtle yet original functionality. “Tropical Bulb” allows you to combine different scents at the same time, creating an immersive multi-sensory experience.


A series of 5 domestic self-standing incensories, entirely handmade out of borosilicate glass.




We are happy to present “tropical bulb”.
A domestic self-standing incensory, entirely handmade out of borosilicate glass.
The sculptural aspect of its outline constitutes a captivating geometry that unveils its subtle yet original functionality: “Tropical bulb” allows you to combine different scents at the same time, producing a multi-sensory experience. The alchemy occurs when the perfumes randomly combine within its transparent volume producing an ever-changing olfactory image.


Introducing the first results of my residency.
Domestic self-standing borosilicate glass incensory entirely handmade.
5 unique and original pieces* are going to be edited.


“Whenever I’ve seen the use of incense, I realised that people always burn one specific scent at a time. Although there is a wide range of perfumes available, the chosen smell is always predetermined. And so, from beginning to end it will diffuse the same notes with the same intensity. I wonder if we can modify this habit and imagine an object that will allow us to mix different scents in real time, creating a new and surprising ever-changing fragrance. An artefact that could blend the smokes and by doing so generate a 3D olfactory experience.”


“During my residency, I will be working with a glass workshop in Paris, specialised in borosilicate.
I was immediately seduced by the lathe technique where the artisan can blow shapes by fusing the precision of the machine with their dexterity and artistic skill. In this controlled yet interpretive process, it is possible to undertake a fascinating dialogue with the craftsman. This collaborative method is fundamental in my work.”


“In 2018, I was invited by the @if_officiel in Japan and @villa_kujoyama to conceive an exhibition during the #nuitblanchekyoto
The theme was the 5 senses and I was immediately captivated by the possibility to work with incense.

Incense is one of the rare constants of all our sacred practices. It is said that when it burns, its white smoke is capable of uniting the visible with the invisible.

I wondered how we could channel this particular and yet universal function?
Would an artefact help us to better translate this passage? An object that can enhance our perception and elevate our senses?

I decided to work with borosilicate glass, to consciously experiment with the beauty of the combustion process.

During my residency with @tropicalpapers_ I want to continue to experiment with this noble material and adapt my researches into a new and domestic piece.”


We are delighted to welcome Felipe Ribón in our 2021 Residency Program.

Ribón produces objects and photographs that confound strictly methodical thinking and appeal to uncertain terrains of the unconscious. Through his work, Felipe Ribon challenges our parameters of perception and proposes new ways of seeing, feeling and conceiving another imaginary.

By devising and experimenting with new fields of design, Felipe Ribón goes beyond the limits set by the rationalism of Cartesian thought, while remaining faithful to the demands of his discipline. The rejection of conceptual restrictions, the questioning of preconceived ideas and the suspicion of the obvious are key factors in the approach of this French-Colombian artist’s work.



As a digital platform supporting contemporary artistic production, especially socially committed and environmentally conscious practices, tropical papers, encourages experimentation, provides support, feedback, and visibility to emerging or mid-career artists. With a special focus on projects that address climate change and global warming, our Residency Program builds bridges between the urban and the rural, evolving new technologies and ancestral knowledge.

We are delighted to welcome Felipe Ribón in our 2021 Residency Program.

Born in Colombia, Felipe Ribon lives and works in Paris. Graduated from ENSCI – Les Ateliers, he was a resident of Villa Medici, Rome, and Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto.

His work has been exhibited at, “Double Je”, Palais de Tokyo ; “Mutations”, Musée des arts Décoratifs, Paris; “Conversations”, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; “The Host”, Shoyeido Kunjyukan, Kyoto; “Sensitive Bodies”, MADD, Bordeaux; Æ, “Medium Objects”, Musée Cognacq-Jay, Paris; and “Mind the Gap”, Dutch Institute, DDAYS, Paris

More about his work www.tropicalpapers.org/felipe-Ribon/

Our residency program is possible through dedicated support from Catherine Petitgas @cpetitgas

The projects of tropical papers are supported by the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, under the aegis of the Fondation de France