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Laura Castro

We met with Laura Castro, to talk about Sindicato, a space dedicated to contemporary art in Santo Domingo.

Based in the Dominican Republic, Sindicato was founded in October 2015 by a group of artists and is currently run by Castro and Quisqueya Henríquez.
Sindicato has a double function as an independent art space and commercial gallery, which proposes different exhibition formats and at the same time activates networks inside and outside the Dominican Republic.

The next project, for September 2020, invites a group of artists, architects, writers and other dilettantes to show tools built by themselves and that allow them to build possibilities to solve specific problems. “We are looking to bring together a set of sculptural tools that are proposed as solutions for work of many different kinds: technical, political, sensitive, intellectual, educational, critical…. and whose development constitutes a space for experimentation and reflection around various themes relevant to the current reality”.

More about Sindicato: https://www.sindicato.do