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Magnolia de la Garza




Nature shows us that everything moves, and vibrates, it can be in a furious or in a calm way. But when we move with others a collective voice appears. Movement is what holds us together.




Magnolia de la Garza is Director of the Coppel Collection in Mexico City, where she lives and works. Magnolia was Associate Curator at the Tamayo Museum and a Professor of Cultural Studies at the Universidad del Claustro Sor Juana in Mexico City. She was the curator of the XVI Bienal de Fotografía del Centro de la Imagen in Mexico and the Mexican Pavilion for Dubai Photo.

[MAILBOX] For this second series we shared a fragment of a text by John Cage, in which he refers to Oskar Fischinger, a film director, who once told him that “everyone has their own spirit that can be liberated by keeping it in vibration”, to 5 different curators and professionals who responded to this idea.

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