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Taiki Sakpisit is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working in Bangkok. Over the past years, he has been prolific as an experimental filmmaker in Thailand producing series of works from Whispering Ghosts (2008) I Did Not Dream Last Night (2009), Deathless Distance (2010) and A Ripe Volcano (2011). All these films may have similar in narrative structures but vastly different in details of visual language that narrates the world of images and sound with a repetitive sense of enigmatic gloaming atmosphere. The latest works Time of the Last Persecution (2012) and The Age of Anxiety (2013), he immerses into the world of sound and found footages from period Thai soap opera creating a textured and transforming experience. Currently lives and works in Bangkok. His works have shown in exhibitions and screened both in Thailand and many festivals abroad. (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre).