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Monday Learning
Ana María Duran

Durán Calisto is an Ecuadorean architect, environmental planner, and scholar. She currently teaches research seminars at the Yale School of He Architecture, while she writes a dissertation on the history of urbanization in Amazonia under the advice of UCLA professor Susanna Hecht. She is part of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale, titled Laboratory of the Future, curated by Lesley Lokko.

Ana María is a member of the Science Panel for the Amazon and served as academic advisor to the Ecuadorian government in preparation for the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development Habitat (Quito, 2016).

In 2010, she received a Loeb Fellowship in advanced environmental studies from the GSD (Harvard) for her proposal to develop an open research network devoted to study the infrastructural integration of South America. Ana María has taught at PUCE, Harvard, Columbia, University of Michigan, UC Temuco, and laac. She has been teaching fellow at the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA.

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