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Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero @federicoherrero is a Costa Rican-based artist whose practice is rooted in his observations of the daily life and landscape of his native country. For the artist, colouris an expression of space, both in its absence and in its plenitude. The exploration of how colour, shapes and signs relate to each other is part of Herrero’s narrative in a constant duel of figuration and abstraction, geometric and organic forms, the canvas and the street. Herrero is also the founder of Despacio, an independent art space in San José, Costa Rica.

In the video for tropical papers, Federico Herrero talks about his practice, mainly painting. Herrero is interested in the notion of painting as a type of entity and develops site-specific works within institutions and for open spaces.

His recent major institutional projects include Tactiles, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon, Portugal (2022); Barreras Blandas, Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica (2020); Tempo Aberto, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, São Paulo (2019); Open Envelope, Witte de With, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2018); South London Gallery (2016) and Alphabet, a site-specific installation for the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (2018). Herrero’s work was also featured in the 2021 Thailand Biennale.



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