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Tunog Sessions
Hector Buitrago

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Héctor Buitrago “Conector” @conectormusica, is an artist and environmental activist in defence of environmental, social, cultural and native causes, aiming to have thought, word and harmony return to rule over the territory. His path is linked to water, land and ancestry.

Since 1992, Héctor Buitrago has developed a musical proposal that draws on Latin American roots and contemporary influences in the Bogotá-based band Aterciopelados, together with Andrea Echeverri. The conceptual content of his songs and the recovery of the ritual dimension of music are at the core of his work.

In 2006 he started his independent sound project called CONECTOR, mixing electronic and cinematographic sonorities with Andean and indigenous sounds, as well as chants and mantras from different parts of the world, evoking the past, but also the future.

In 2010 he followed the call of water and co-created with Catalina Salguero: Cantoalagua, “Cantandole Ah a las Aguas”, which is based on the conviction that sound and intention have the ability to recover the spiritual connection with Water. Currently this initiative resonates in more than 20 countries and around 500 points of Canto al agua join simultaneously on March 22 each year.

With his song ‘Soy La Semilla Nativa’ from the album Niños Cristal, later released with Aterciopelados, he won the as award of best children’s song at the RoundGlass Music Awards, which recognises artists who create music for welfare, peace and environmental awareness. He is currently part of the collective VozTerra with which he released 4 albums with musicians from 10 countries to draw attention to the loss of biodiversity.

For tropical papers the artist shared a series of compositions and videos created especially for tropical papers linked to water, land, and ancestry.



POSTED: @tropicalpapers_03.02.2022 to 24.02.2022

Water has the memory of the times,
We have crossed this threshold before.
The intention of this sound of the cup is to transmit our request for contact,
beyond time and space,
to reach the Muisca of the future,
our ancestors of tomorrow
So that the chiminigagua matrix is activated with WATER, and the contact call resonates So that the multidimensional benevolent forces intervene in this space / time and assist us in this process of planetary liberation
and then we can leave the darkness and enter the civilized galactic society.
El agua tiene la memoria de los tiempos, ya hemos cruzado antes este umbral.
En la intención de este sonido del cuenco está transmitir nuestra petición de contacto
Más allá del tiempo y del espacio,
alcanzar al Muisca del futuro
nuestros ancestros del porvenir,
Para que se active con el AGUA la matriz chiminigagua,
y resuene el llamado de contacto
para que intervengan las fuerzas benevolentes multidimensionales en este espacio/tiempo
y nos asistan en este proceso de liberación planetaria
y podamos salir de lo oscuro e ingresar en la sociedad galáctica civilizada

today we are releasing @conectormusica third video for [TUNOG SESSIONS] new season!