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Julien Creuzet

In November 2020, as the second lockdown started in Paris, we spoke via Zoom with the French-Caribbean artist Julien Creuzet. His work explores social realities which tell stories of displacement, trade, and diaspora through video, collage, performance and installation.

The Antilles, and in particular Martinique, where the artist grew up, remain an important reference in his work. He was greatly influenced by the poet Edouard Glissant and his “pensée archipélique” (archipelagic thinking) and the concept of “tout-monde” (All-World). Poetry is also omnipresent in Creuzet’s work, either through the titles of his installations, or recorded, hand-written, engraved, placarded. His work in general leads us to think of a kind of musical score in the process of being written, which evolves over time and suggests multiple interpretations.

Born in Blanc-Mesnil, Julien Creuzet lives and works in Fontenay-sous-Bois. His latest shows include: Risquons-tout, Wiels, Brussels, Belgium; Manifesta 13, Marseille, France; It’s Urgent!, Luma Days #4, Arles, France. Creuzet was nominated for the 2021 Marcel Duchamp Art Prize in France.


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