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Monday Learning
Lucía Pizzani

born in Caracas, Pizzani is a London-based artist whose expressive practice involves the body and self, always informed by materiality.

One of Pizzani’s core concerns is the interrelationship between narratives of women in history and processes of metamorphosis in the natural world. She works across a variety of media, including photography, ceramics, videos, drawings, peformance, and installations.

Having worked as part of the environmental movement in Venezuela for many years, she has frequently incorporated ecological elements into her artwork.

Recent collaborations and commissions include: Lava, Magasin 3 Stockholm, Planet B Climate Change and the new sublime, Palazzo Bolanni Venice, Cabilla a project, TEA Museum Tenerife, Casa Wabi and the Puerto Escondido Botanical Garden (Oaxaca, Mexico), LaunchPad Lab (Charente, France), and The Photographers Gallery (London). Her work is part of TATE Collection, Essex Collection for Art from Latin America ESCALA, Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC), Catherine Petitgas Collection and Museum Of Latin American Art (MOLAA) among other private and public collections.

Portrait: Santiago de la Puente
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