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Pedro Gómez Egaña



Pedro Gómez Egaña @pedrogomezegana is a Colombian artist currently living in Oslo, Norway. His research stages objects and moving images as an investigation and reaction to a world gripped by technological, political and cultural speed and immediacy. Through sculptures and installations, the artist questions and problematizes understandings and experiences about time by developing apparatuses to explore the surrounding.

The artist shares with tropical papers about his project at the public library in Oslo, “Inmeridien”. Exploring the concept of what a library represents in a city, Gómez Egaña investigates the river that passes near the building and due to the urban development in the neighborhood it’s been almost forgotten. Using a stone found in the river, the artist creates an experience that happens once a day for one person. The visitor can spend 10 minutes with the stone, where Gómez Egaña proposes a self-reflective relationship with bodies and things.

The projects of tropical papers are supported by the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso under the aegis of the Fondation de France