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Vivian Caccuri

Vivian Caccuri, 1986, São Paulo, Brazil.
Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Vivian Caccuri uses sound as the vehicle to cross experiments in sensory perception with issues related to history and social conditioning. Through objects, installations, and performances, her pieces create situations that disorient everyday experience and, by extension, disrupt meanings and narratives seemingly as ingrained as the cognitive structure itself.

She wrote her first book “Music is What I Make” (2012), published in Brazil and awarded the Funarte Prize of Critical Production in Music in 201, published by Bloomsbury NYC in English. Vivian has participated in the 2019 Venice Biennale and had commissioned works by the Serpentine Gallery, the HighLine Art, São Paulo Biennale and was shortlisted for the Future Generation Art Prize in 2018 in Ukraine.