@conectormusica guest artist @tropicalpapers_ . Prayer to Water by Hector Buitrago originated from Cantoalagua 2021. #PlanetaryPotential: . Water….. May we hear your call and your messages… May the roads and their quests open up for us to find you… May we sing to you, care for you and thank you with pristine vibrations…. May your […]

    Toy tocando aquí el tambor, 2021 Ernesto Paredano. Voice: Oswaldo Lares Sampled from “La Calera interview”, 2014. This project is a collaboration with Archivo Lares. #2021 #tropicalpapers @archivolares @paredano @tropicalpapers_ Tropical Papers is supported by the generous patronage of the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso. Our residency program is possible through dedicated support […]

We are thrilled to introduce Ernesto Paredano, a Spanish composer and artist living in Santo Domingo, DR, who is initiating the [TUNOG SESSIONS] our new exciting sound and dance project. Paredano has also developed a great career as a musical creative director in the field of cinema. . . . Left. Katherine Dunham. The Singing […]