Dedicated to short videos in which cultural practitioners, artists, curators, scholars, writers, researchers introduce their practice as well as their latest project to date. [TV CHANNEL] is posted periodically in tropical papers’ platforms and progressively constitutes an archive of cultural practices, production and transmission of knowledge in and from the tropics.

tropical papers encourages experimentation, feedback and visibility to emerging or mid-career artists with a particular focus on projects addressing climate change and global warming, building bridges between the urban and the rural, the ever-evolving new technologies and ancestral knowledge.

Intended as an intersectional laboratory, [LIVING ROOM] is an online meeting place where we are invited to listen, observe, share and enjoy a sensitive experience through images, poetry, sound, cooking, and dancing. Each of these virtual encounters will be hosted by a guest artist from her or his own living room, inscribing thus the homely private space into the digital sphere, engaging different but deeply interconnected realities.

tropical papers’ sound and dance project was launched during the first global lockdown in 2020, a moment characterized by social isolation, physical constriction, generalized anxiety and fear. The program proposes commissions by artists working with experimental music, sound, dance and choreography. We propose to connect with the senses and the body in vibration and resonance with melodies, beats and rhythms, or Tunog*.

*Tunog: sounds and sonorities in Tagalog, Philippines’ official language.

As suggested by its title, [MAILBOX] works as a collection of testimonies, short letters, fictional forecasts, observations, daydream meditations, anecdotic musings sent to tropical papers in a diversity of formats. Its intimistic tone allows a more personal and subjective encounter with artists, curators and cultural practitioners.