Amplifying Emerging Voices from the Tropics

tropical papers’ core mission is to support and amplify distinctive and powerful emerging voices from the Tropics, acknowledging their vital contributions to pivotal changes in contemporary society.

tropical papers is an international inclusive digital platform operating at the intersection of art, architecture, design, scientific research, and social engagement. We bring together visionary thinkers and cultural innovators to address the world’s pressing challenges, guided by the belief that creativity emerges at the intersection of local realities, experiences, knowledge and global issues.

Through a constellation of programs such as MONDAY LEARNING, TUESDAY BOOKS, TUNOG SESSIONS, SUNDAY BRUNCH, ON RESIDENCE –and soon SCHOOL– we inspire, facilitate and empower collaborative initiatives that transcend boundaries, bringing together diverse backgrounds, cultures, disciplines, practices and perspectives.

Our programs and activities are designed to foster dialogue and knowledge sharing, create sustainable work dynamics, increase environmental awareness, and most importantly, build resilient communities.

The true protagonists of this undertaking are artists, cultural practitioners, and our engaged audiences, who we invite to partake in this shared journey, and whose contributions serve as a fruitful basis for critical and timely societal discussions. Together, we aim to re-imagine the world through the lens of art and creativity, and by embracing diversity as our greatest strength.

Harnessing the power of digital resources to bring people and communities together and bridge geographical, social and cultural divides, tropical papers constantly stimulate creativity, curiosity and experimentation, “expanding our imagination” to paraphrase Edouard Glissant. We see ourselves as a hybrid space that generates other forms of movement, connection and action with its audiences.

Join us in this exciting journey of amplifying emerging voices from the Tropics, as we break free from conventions and shape a more sustainable future, where art and culture inspire transformative change on a global scale.


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Artistic Committee
Fernanda Brenner
Sandra Terdjman
Pablo Martínez
Ramiro Martínez
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Vanessa Clairet, president
Laurence Charlot, treasurer
Alex Mor, secretary
Andres Sandoval Alba
Edwige Baron
Mariana Vieira Marcondes
María Inés Rodríguez
Yu Hsiao Hwei